International Trade

Nowadays our needs to be more competitive as country and entrepreneur guide us towards the figure of great decisions, that is why we must be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity that knowledge give us, so, in order to achieve this goal, we are pleased to assist you in:

Advice on aspects of NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements to determine tariff preferences.

  • Efficient guidance on the correct completion of certificates of origin in accordance with the laws and their rules.

Advice on merchandise classification rates and handling of disputes arising in this regard.

  • Thorough evaluation conforms to explanatory notes for correct classification.
  • Management in various laboratories to be sure of the correct classification of difficult codification merchandise.

Consultation on international treaties in respect of trade in goods and services.

  • We analyze and prepare the necessary information so that you can evaluate the tariff advantage offered by different treaties.

Defense of importers and exporters against unfair trade practice, including antidumping and countervailing duties.

  • Formulation of the project for trade defense.

Advice on the application of Official Mexican Standards (NOM).

  • Correct definition about commercial and technical Standards.
  • Application of the NOM to the Border Region.
  • Application of the NOM to the Interior of the Country.
  • Simplified NOM application.
  • Management before the NOM laboratory for sampling

Import and export procedures.

  • Step-by-step guidance for you to get started on imports and exports.
  • Appropriate guidance in order that your goods have the best deal at the lowest cost.
  • Adequate logistic for the handling of each kind of merchandise.
  • Mos recognized Customs Agency in the country.
  • Transportation appropriate to the type of merchandise.

Preparation of studies of Regional Content Rules

  • In this area we provide you the information and guidance necessary for you to operate satisfactorily.

Preparation of Bonding studies.

  • Evaluation of correct prices in case of linked and unrelated enterprises.
  • Appropriate study and systems on estimated prices to avoid undervaluation.