Special Products

Business Chek-in

In order to have a corrective method, this firm adequately reviews all the corporate aspects of the companies to comply with all its aspects. Likewise, the accounting and the documents that comprise it are reviewed to be certain that there is adequate compliance with tax obligations.

Supplier invoice review

This firm in order to prevent sanctions and omissions of contributions, according to the needs of the client, reviews the invoices issued by the various suppliers monthly or quarterly to issue reports and thereby check if they are within the definitive lists issued by the tax authority in relation to article 69-B of the Federal Tax Code, with the purpose of process the self-correction or the respective clarification.

In the same way, our staff conducts periodic searches so that our clients are not on the lists of taxpayers who carry out operations indicated in the first paragraph of article 69-B of the Federal Tax Code.

Tax residence review

This firm reviews the tax address of the client who requests it so that it is within the parameters indicated by the tax authority, in order to avoid legal consequences.

Review of operation (materiality) This firm carries out a legal audit of the contracts and supporting documents provided in order to adequately accredit the existence of the operations to prevent facts or omissions that may be detected by the tax authorities.